Benefits of Pre-leased Modular Buildings

Selecting a pre-leased modular building is a smart choice for a few different reasons. Used modular buildings offer a fast and efficient space solution for a variety of needs. Because these buildings are immediately available they can be delivered and assembled in a very short time period. This quick turnaround time results in earlier building occupancy for the customer.

Did You Know: M SPACE

M SPACE has provided modular solutions to numerous industries since 2001. As a leading modular general contractor, they use a streamlined construction process that operates in 3 main phases. First: construction takes place at a controlled factory while the work site is prepped for the physical building.

Modular Construction - Trends in the US

In countries around the world, the demand for modular construction is rapidly growing. Take the United Kingdom and China for example; modular buildings are being used to build skyscrapers, massive data centers, hotels, apartment complexes and much more.

Permanent Modular Construction - Process, Practice, Performance

This research studies off-site modular production processes using case studies in international permanent modular construction (PMC). The PMC projects documented herein provide a research test bed to evaluate the performance metrics attributed to off-site construction and the contingent qualitative contextual factors by which PMC in building design and construction may be realized.

7 Reasons Why Modular Benefits Schools

Modular construction is an increasingly popular choice for public, charter and private schools, as well as, colleges, universities, trade and technical schools. And it's no wonder why - the benefits in choosing modular over traditional construction are vast! Choosing modular means you are able to streamline the construction process while never sacrificing safety and quality.

Stay a Step Ahead with Modular

One of the biggest topics of conversation in the construction industry is “Modular vs. Traditional”. A majority of people are misinformed and believe that modular buildings are not of the same quality as a traditionally built building.  The truth of the matter is modular construction is an equivalent alternative to traditional construction; however, the process is completely different.