Atkinson County Health Department

Project Location: Pearson, GA
Total Square Footage: 5,880 sq.ft.

The Atkinson County Health Department was in serious need of a new facility to replace its outdated, overcrowded building. After much research and comparison to conventional construction, the client chose a modular space solution because of its speed and overall cost saving advantage. Working closely with the client’s layout and budget, M SPACE provided a 5,880 square foot permanent modular health clinic with brick exterior. The clinic includes seven exam rooms, a lab, offices, a medical records room, nurse work area, break room, conference room, waiting room and handicap accessible restrooms.
The HVAC System features 7-day programmable thermostats allowing the client to set temperatures to a comfortable level and minimize energy bills. Windows are double-paned to reduce energy loss and outdoor noise pollution. Interior walls contain sound reduction batts to limit sound transmission and extra insulation was added in the roof and exterior walls for improved energy efficiency. All flooring such as commercial grade carpet in offices and vinyl composite tile in all other rooms, as well as doors and headers, were site installed to ensure the highest quality. Additionally, a pitched roof was built on site. The entrance features a storefront door for a more inviting atmosphere and welcomes natural light.
The Atkinson County Officials originally sought designs for traditionally constructed buildings, but all of the estimates they received were over budget. M SPACE worked closely with the county officials to find ways to work within their approved budget and proposed various layouts to meet their unique needs. With a few slight modifications to the roof design and an alternate mechanical system, M SPACE was able to provide a building that matched Atkinson County’s original design and stayed within their budget. To further cut costs, M SPACE utilized prison labor for the exterior masonry work. The health clinic was completed in roughly five months. Completing the project in such a small time frame gave the client the opportunity to serve new and existing patients much faster than with conventional construction.

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