Temporary / Relocatable Buildings

All modular construction utilizes a method in which buildings are constructed in sections in a controlled factory environment. As modules are being constructed, site work commences to install foundation, utilities and initial site grading. The modules are then transported to the job site and installed before applying final interior and exterior finishes and connecting utilities. The final step is site grading, concrete work and landscaping. This concurrent schedule results in a shorter construction timeline and earlier occupancy.

Temporary/Relocatable buildings have the benefits of speed and flexibility. They can be used as additions to existing structures or stand-alone buildings. Buildings are not site specific and can be easily disassembled, relocated and reconfigured for various uses. Relocatable buildings are particularly beneficial for organizations with changing space needs, such as school districts with fluctuating enrollment or sales centers that can be transferred to new locations based on need. Temporary buildings are often used for a specific time period while permanent space is being built or renovated. This may be an office building that is undergoing major renovations or a medical clinic that is being rebuilt after a natural disaster. We often provide temporary space and then work with the same client for their permanent space needs.

Many people dismiss the possibility of temporary/relocatable modular buildings because they envision a construction trailer from the 1970s. Although many customers still want very basic buildings, the industry has advanced tremendously over the last several decades and its capabilities are vast. We have provided temporary buildings from 440 square feet to 35,000 square feet. Some have had basic finishes like aluminum siding, while others have had fiber cement siding with a brick finish which is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing. M SPACE offers new and pre-leased temporary buildings for lease or sale.