Modular Hotels / Motels

Modular is an extremely efficient method of construction making it an excellent choice for hotels and motels. Simultaneous construction and site preparation reduce overall construction schedules significantly, enabling hotels and motels to begin generating revenue and serving the community much sooner. M SPACE provides the additional advantage of offering full turnkey services so property owners do not have to coordinate services with multiple companies. In addition to the building, we often manage other aspects such as parking lots and security systems to vending machines.

  • Economy Lodging
  • Full Service Hotels & Motels
  • Extended Stay Accommodations
  • Suite Properties
  • Corporate Facilities
  • Hotel & Motel Franchises

Modular construction is one of the most efficient methods for building hotel and motel properties. This is due to the assembly line construction process and climate controlled manufacturing facilities. Modular construction also produces superior quality and craftsmanship along with superior structural integrity. The modular manufacturing and assembly process features highly trained workers who specialize in specific tasks throughout the building process.

Our team members work closely with our customers to develop the right solution based on land and parcel configurations, timelines, deadlines and financial plans. Structures are designed and configured to meet individual needs. In addition to custom floor plans, a variety of interior and exterior finishes are available so each hotel/motel can have the desired look. We pride ourselves on quality, efficiency and service.

Whether you're planning, budgeting or in need of immediate modular construction, M SPACE is available to assist with all your modular construction needs. We offer a variety of options from sales to modular leasing and financing. Please call us any time at 877.677.2231.