Modular classrooms and modular school buildings offer all of the benefits of traditional construction methods, but are constructed in significantly less time. Additionally, prefabricated classrooms, schools and modular daycare buildings offer flexibility in their design options. Designs can be custom or standard, buildings can be new or used, the construction type can be permanent or temporary and exterior materials can coordinate with existing facilities.

As an added benefit, because the majority of modular construction takes place off-site, there is little disruption for students, teachers and staff members. This provides a safer environment and allows educators to focus on students rather than the details and disruptions of the construction process.

Our Permanent and Temporary/Portable Modular Solutions Include:

  • Modular Classrooms
  • Modular Office and Administrative Complexes
  • Modular Science Labs
  • Modular Libraries and Modular Book Stores
  • Modular Cafeterias
  • Modular Lecture Halls
  • Modular Teachers' Lounges
  • Modular Media Centers
  • Modular Daycare Facilities

Modular buildings are the perfect choice for both public and private primary, secondary and post-secondary educational facilities so, whether your organization needs a single classroom or an entire modular campus, we are able to design and build a modular solution to meet your specific needs.

Regardless of if you are planning, budgeting or in need of immediate modular construction, M SPACE is available to assist with all your modular construction needs. We offer a variety of options from sales to modular leasing to modular financing so call us any time at 877.677.2231.

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