Corrections & Public Safety

From emergency call centers to training facilities, M SPACE provides safe and secure modular corrections buildings and public safety facilities that are in compliance with all federal, state and local codes and regulations. We have the flexibility to design and build temporary or permanent modular facilities that meet each client’s unique needs.

Types of Modular Corrections Buildings Include:

  • Modular Inmate Housing
  • Modular Minimum and Medium Security Prisons
  • Modular Processing Centers
  • Modular Medical Facilities
  • Modular Juvenile Detention Facilities
  • Modular Guard Houses

Types of Modular Public Safety Buildings Include:

  • Modular Police Stations
  • Modular Fire Houses
  • Modular Courthouses
  • Modular Holding Cells
  • Modular Check Point Buildings

Modular construction is a fast and cost-effective solution to alleviate overcrowded prisons and jails, as it’s a highly efficient way to provide additions and new facilities. Modular corrections buildings can be equipped with full alarm and sprinkler systems, smoke evacuation and emergency generators to meet all surveillance and security requirements. Additionally, we can include innovative security features such as one-way vision polycarbonate window panels, institutional tamper-resistant door locks, security cameras and bullet-resistant windows for added durability and protection.

Whether you’re planning, budgeting or in need of immediate modular construction, M SPACE is available to assist you with all of your modular corrections buildings and public safety needs. We offer a variety of options from sales to modular leasing to modular financing. Call us today 877.677.2231.