Modular Classrooms support the Expanding Construction Industry

The expansion of the construction industry has been underway for the past several years and 2016 is no exception to that trend. Thanks to report published by Dodge Data and Analytics, it is noted that the education industry is likely to see a 9% increase in construction among K- 12 schools due to the passing of school bonds. Modular Building Institute has also noted that larger schools with a high growth rate are more likely to use modular classrooms to help with their space needs. Texas, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Maryland, for example, are some states that are more likely to utilize modular classrooms.
Modular construction offers the best space solution for schools because the majority of the construction takes place off-site creating little disruption for students, teachers and staff members. Depending on the school’s need, modular classrooms can be customized to accommodate their requirements for classroom space, offices, libraries, cafeterias, media centers, etc. Because site preparation and modular construction occur simultaneously, there is a considerably shortened completion schedule that allows for earlier occupancy.
There are two different types of modular buildings available to school districts, permanent and temporary. Permanent modular classrooms are designed for a specific location and offer a space solution to clients looking for a long term need. The second option is temporary modular classrooms. These classrooms are most often used for a specific time period while a facility is being built or renovated. They often benefit schools that have a fluctuating student population and offer the ability to be relocated to various campuses throughout the district as needs change.
In addition to these two main options, there are also used modular buildings that are immediately available. Used modular classrooms are a smart choice for school districts that have an urgent space need.  Pre-leased classrooms can be reconfigured and refurbished to meet any specific needs of the district in a short period of time.
At M SPACE we have a wide array of modular solutions including pre-leased buildings. Our available inventory includes classrooms and offices of various sizes. If you would like more information about our immediately available buildings or our permanent/temporary modular solutions, please call 877.677.2231. Click here to view our immediately available modular buildings.


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