Understanding the Speed and Versatility of Used Modular Classrooms

When thinking about pre-leased modular buildings, the first two words that come to mind should be Speed and Versatility. Because used modular buildings can be delivered immediately they offer a fast and efficient space solution. These used portable buildings offer versatility because they can be refurbished and reconfigured to meet the different needs of various customers. Used modular buildings are perfect for additions to existing structures or as standalone buildings.

Take Long Beach Island (LBI) Consolidated School District in New Jersey for example. One of their elementary schools was damaged badly after Hurricane Sandy and they needed an immediate space solution.  We provided them with 7,712 square feet of temporary modular space including eight classrooms, restrooms and administrative space with connecting decks and walkways. The used modular classrooms were delivered and installed within three weeks, allowing the students to return to their normal schedule.

Currently, LBI no longer has a need for temporary space as their current building has since been repaired. These buildings are now available and waiting to take on a new purpose for a new school. Below are a few of the featured available buildings that were used for Long Beach Island (LBI) Consolidated School District:

Modular Classroom 28 x 56


Modular Classroom 24 x 120


We currently have used modular classrooms  and used modular offices of various sizes available immediately. M SPACE offers flexible leasing, sale and financing options. If you would like more information about our immediately available buildings in New Jersey or available buildings in other states, please call 877.677.2231 or click here to view our inventory page.

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