Our Process

At M SPACE, we work closely with our clients throughout the entire modular construction process offering a comprehensive approach to each and every project. A member of our senior management team is involved in each project and an M SPACE representative is directly accountable for all aspects of the project from design, scheduling and project management to quality control. We have found that this process allows us to manage our prefabricated building projects effectively and enables us to develop lasting relationships with our clients.

M SPACE offers:

  • Design Consulting
  • Site Development
  • Scheduling & Planning
  • Status Updates
  • Estimating & Value Engineering
  • Quality Control
  • Production & Code Compliance
  • Safety Management
  • Sub-Contractor Pre-Qualification
  • Construction & Project Management

Modular construction is capable of delivering greater design and construction quality per unit of time and expense than site-built construction. With the right team of experienced architects, engineers and builders, modular construction is the most resource efficient and quality controlled method of construction. We utilize modular construction, a process in which buildings are constructed in sections in a controlled factory environment. As modules are being constructed, site work commences to install foundation, utilities and initial site grading. The modules are then transported to the job site and installed before applying final interior and exterior finishes and connecting utilities. The final step is site grading, concrete work and landscaping. The concurrent schedule results in a shorter construction timeline and earlier occupancy.