About Us

M SPACE is one of the fastest growing companies in the modular building industry.  We combine the professional integrity of our team - responsiveness, thoroughness and dependability - with experience and dedication to deliver well-managed, high quality modular projects.

Our company has grown quickly from a small regional modular leasing company to a fully integrated modular general contractor by building relationships with valued clients, dedicated employees and trusted subcontractors.  Together, we have created proven technologies, systems and processes to provide comprehensive solutions.

We have offices located throughout the United States and offer a diverse range of prefabricated building types - permanent and temporary, new and pre-leased.  Our projects range from small temporary buildings to large multi-story complexes.  We also offer creative leasing, sale and financing options.  We serve various industries such as education, healthcare, retail and hospitality, government, laboratory/research, public assembly, lodging and housing, general business and office, corrections and public safety with portable buildings, permanent modular buildings and manufactured homes.